Rum cured Scottish oak smoked salmon with lime zest ginger and agave nectar Quick shop

Dark and Stormy

Rum, Ginger, Lime Zest and Agave Nectar

from £7.45

Aquavit cured smoked Scottish salmon with beetroot, star anise and juniper berries Quick shop

Erik The Red

Aquavit, Juniper, Star Anise & Beetroot

from £7.45

Tequila cured Scottish smoked salmon, margarita with coriander, chilli and lime Quick shop


Tequila, Coriander, Chilli & Lime

from £7.45

Whisky cured Scottish oak smoked salmon glazed with maple syrup and dressed with orange zest Quick shop

Old Fashioned

Whisky, Maple Syrup & Orange Zest

from £7.45

Smoked salmon monthly subscription service. Great gift ides Quick shop

Smoking Club

Smoked Salmon Subscription

from £11.95

Whisky cured oak smoked Scottish salmon glazed with maple syrup Quick shop

The Classic

Whisky & Maple Syrup, Oak Smoked

from £7.45