Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)

You're probably asking what is Gilltong?! Well its our own little invention, half way between jerky and biltong, but made with smoked salmon - hence gilltong, get it now?!

We take our same prime fillets of smoked salmon, hand slice them thickly before marinading in teriyaki, honey, Tabasco sauce and black pepper. After marinading we air dry until the slices are chewy, succulent and tender. In no way tough like beef jerky or biltong. It's sweet, salty, a little bit spicy and ever so addictive! We don't think you've tried anything like this before. Perfect for snacking. It contains no booze, but works rather wonderfully with pale ale, but you can choose your own tipple!

Ingredients: Salmon (Fish), Teriyaki (Soybeans, wheat, sulphur dioxide) honey, Tabasco sauce and black pepper. Oak smoked.

Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)

Teriyaki and Honey


Customer Reviews

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Snack time Gilltong.

I was feeling peckish, I opened the fridge and saw my Gilltong!! I opened it just to have one small piece...... didn’t happen. Had it all, oops!! It was amazing, the snack turned into my lunch. Defiantly going to order again as would be good as canapés, when we can finally have friends round. :)

The Pished Fish

Fabulous! A real treat! ❤

Thanks very much Amanda, happy to be a treat as often as you'll allow! Cheers!

The Best Salmon

Had a few orders now amazing the Gilltong is simply divine and Salmon Pate is the best i have ever had and then there is the Smoked Salmon words cannot do it justice Treat Yourself you will not regret it :-)

You'll make me blush Colin! Thanks so much for the kind words. Cheers!

Fantastic pished fish

I really enjoyed as a snack with my glass of wine on a Friday night. Only criticism is, there wasn't enough.

Thanks Linda! Sounds like we need to bring out a bigger pack......

Fantastic with a beer

Great flavour, fantastic snack with a cold beer. Very enjoyable.

Ah yes, a cold beer, summer sun, a crowded pub, ahhhhh... Sorry, where was I? Yes, perfect with a beer! Or wine. Or both! Cheers!