Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
Uncle Sam (Roasted)
    • - Kiln roasted over hickory

    • - Smoked gently and slowly roasted for a succulent and flaky texture with a sweet finish from the honey and bourbon glaze

    • - Perfect flaked into pasta or to make a seriously spiffing sandwich

"On one of my never ending quests to find the finest BBQ known to man, I stumbled upon a little backdoor cook-off in Greensboro, Louisianna. Mouth-watering ribs and sizzling steak were piled high on the grill, but then, would you believe, smoking away to one side, I found some sensational salmon. Salmon, so often the Cinderella rather than belle of the barbeque ball! I gave it some sweetness with a honey and bourbon glaze whilst roasting and transformed that poor child into a Succulent, flaky Southern star." - P.F


  • Ingredients - Scottish salmon (fish), salt, demerara sugar, bourbon, honey


This is hot smoked salmon and 100g is presented as a fillet portion, not sliced like our cold smoked salmon.


    - Sustainably sourced, superior Scottish salmon

    - Perfect for freezing

    - Minimum 5 days shelf life from despatch 


    Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

    Uncle Sam (Roasted)

    Bourbon and honey

    Which pack size? (Allow for 50g per person)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 66 reviews
    This is the One and Only Smoke Salmon to taste and gorge

    We received some beautifully presented packaged Smoked Salmon from The Pished Fish; well let me tell you this ...once tasted you will be totally hooked on the Phished Fish taste.let alone various flavours presented..oh and the smoked Salmon Pate is to die for too.It is all so so moorish to say the least.
    I have recently joined the Brunch Club too.

    First Impressions

    Very delicate flavour, perfect with a glass of rose on a Summers day.


    This Company popped up on my Facebook pages on my Birthday and I thought why not treat yourself. Really nice website and friendly support via chat and I ordered a selection to try. Have had Uncle Sam warmed on bed of sweetcorn, toms, cucumber,Avocado and handful coriander. OMG just so yummy did not want meal to end. Can't wait to order more.


    Your smoked salmon is exquisite. The delicate flavours and impeccable smoking make eating it the most beautiful and perfect experience.
    Simply superb.


    My order was a gift to my son in law. He was delighted with it and said it was delicious!