Where does your salmon come from?

With a name like The Pished Fish, we could only ever use Scottish salmon! Specifically we always aim to use salmon from Loch Duart *. We use Loch Duart as they are freedom foods endorsed it means healthy, well reared salmon. The salmon are lean and torpedo shaped, with large fan tails, similar to how they would look in the wild and are genetically the same.

They are an excellent company who are industry leaders in what they do, the quality of the salmon and the diligence in their farming. Have a look at our Journal post to hear about one of our trips up there and to see some pictures of the beautiful west coast of Scotland.

*very rarely poor weather or other factors can affect delivery of the fresh salmon in which case we have to find an alternative, which will always be the best Scottish salmon we find at Billingsgate.

How does my smoked salmon get posted to me?

Depending on your delivery preferences we send our smoked salmon out by either Royal Mail 1st Class or Royal Mail special delivery. All smoked salmon comes in an insulated envelope with frozen gel packs to keep the salmon chilled for a minimum of 24 hours while it is transit to you. It’s a similar system used to transport samples in the drug industry and so is proven to be effective. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What do you mean “Booze Infused”?

We use alcohol as part of the curing and flavouring of our smoked salmon. Quite often gravlax is cured with alcohol, herbs and spices. We follow a similar process, the difference being we then smoke our salmon with complementary wood smokes to enhance the flavours. Don’t expect to be having a glug of gin with your beautiful salad, or a shot of whisky with your scrambled eggs, but enjoy a decadent twist on a classic flavour.

Will I get drunk?

Pretty unlikely, you’d be a very good customer to try though! After the salmon has been dried and smoked we are left with the flavourings from the booze used, but not a lot of the alcohol. We then use herbs and spices to compliment the alcohol used.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Do I need to be in to receive my smoked salmon?

For 1st Class delivery you do not have to be in, we put on a bright yellow sticker asking the Post-person to leave the smoked salmon in a safe place. This does not however guarantee that it will be left, so we would always suggest that you have the smoked salmon sent somewhere that you know someone will be available to receive the goods – we’d hate for it to be sent to a warehouse over night!

For special delivery – yes, they require a signature. We will email you before posting to advise on delivery day to make sure that you will be in. The service is currently guaranteed before 1pm.

Are my card details safe with you?

Yes, we don’t store your credit card details ourselves, they are handled by a trusted service provider. We use PayPal, as the most trusted and reliable provider of Credit Card and Debit card merchant services available.

I am not 100% happy with the service, smoked salmon, your tone of voice, what can I do?

Please email us at info@thepishedfish.com and we will offer you an immediate refund but would hope to resolve the situation and learn from any mistakes we make.