What a time to be alive! Smoked salmon on autopilot!

What's in it for you?

Start, stop and pause whenever you like, there's no tie in. Choose your preferred subscription and order frequency from a delivery every week, to a delivery every 2 months. It works like a direct debit. All subscriptions are best value and include FREE delivery.

Always have a supply on hand for when nibbles are needed or the kids are coming home for the weekend. Freeze what you want to save for later in the month, or wolf it down in one go!

What's in it for us?

Being completely up-front - as a little online food business, having a regular income is the holy grail! it allows us to plan for the leaner times, when things are a little quieter and allows us breathing room to come up with new ideas and recipes. You'd really be doing us a huge favour!


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Save 21%
The Brunch Club SubscriptionThe Brunch Club Subscription
The Brunch Club Subscription
Sale price£29.99 Regular price£37.91
Save 14%
The Breakfast Bundle Subscription **NEW**The Breakfast Bundle Subscription **NEW**
The Breakfast Bundle Subscription **NEW**
Sale price£37.99 Regular price£43.94
The Full Monty! (Includes Delivery)The Full Monty! (Includes Delivery)
The Full Monty! (Includes Delivery)
Sale price£74.99