The Pished Fish Gift Platter Smoked Selection
    • - A handy package full of perfect Pished Fish goodies to keep the most discerning of guests happy

  • - Perfect for your soirée, picnic or party

  • - Includes portions of our cold smoked salmon or trout, hot smoked salmon and of course our fabulous paté

  • - Just add good bread, salads and plenty of wine!

  • - All wrapped up in a super-limited edition tote gift bag - frightfully posh!


2 person: 2 different packs of cold smoked salmon/trout, 1 hot smoked salmon fillet, 1 smoked salmon paté, wrapped up in limited edition tote bag

4 person: 5 assorted packs of cold smoked salmon/trout, 2 hot smoked salmon fillets, 2 smoked salmon paté, wrapped up in limited edition tote bag

8 person Smorgasbord: 10 assorted packs of cold smoked salmon/trout, 4 hot smoked salmon fillets, 4 smoked salmon paté, wrapped up in limited edition tote bag. Free delivery.


We choose the most reputable salmon farms in Scotland to supply our PGI status salmon. We never use cheaper, fattier, Norwegian fish. The salmon is sustainably farmed and considered sushi grade (super fresh!)

The salmon is filleted and then slow cured in our unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar. The slow cure firms up the texture and gives the salmon a more meaty texture. It is not greasy or slimy like  other smoked salmon can be.

After smoking, the salmon is rested overnight before being sliced by hand in our little Sussex smokehouse. We choose to slice the salmon in thicker, vertical, more decadent slices. Once our customers have tried it this way they never go back! A truly luxurious taste experience and one which will have you wishing everything was booze infused!

Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

The Pished Fish Gift Platter

Smoked Fish Selection


Customer Reviews

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Fishy and fabulous
Fantastic Food and Service
Thanks for the lovely review Helen, it sounds like you're exactly our target market! I look forward to being of service again soon. All the best, James
Tasty great products
Thanks Janet - 'best ever' in a review puts a big smile on our faces! Cheers!
The best smoked salmon out there!
Thanks ever so much Jo! Delighted all was well received and whilst we might not be troubling Ocado too much in the grand scheme of things, we're very happy to know that you'll be sticking with us for smoked salmon! Cheers!
Just brilliant!
Thanks Jade, always happy to be of service whenever the time comes. Cheers!