Aquavit cured smoked Scottish salmon with beetroot, star anise and juniper berries

Erik The Red

Aquavit, Juniper, Star Anise & Beetroot

Loch Duart, RSCPA Assured Scottish salmon, cured in aquavit, smoked very lightly and dressed with beetroot and spices. Aromatic & Sophisticated. For those with the most educated of palates. 

  • Booze: Aquavit
  • Botanicals: Star Anise | Juniper Berry | Freshly Grated Beetroot
  • Smoke: Apple | Alder | Beech

Inspiration: The fresh, earthy and complex flavours of the Norwegian smorgasbord, bursting with aromatic spices and the freshest cured fish.

As a guide, allow for a 50g serving per person

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