Tequila cured Scottish smoked salmon, margarita with coriander, chilli and lime

Sustainably sourced Scottish salmon, slowly cured in tequila and coriander. Slow curing leads to a firmer texture and a richer flavour. After a light smoke of apple, alder and beech wood the salmon is then dressed with coriander, chilli and lime zest. Think ceviche style flavours. Thick sliced for a decadent taste experience. Herby and spicy, add a little fire to your fiesta, or a little pizazz to your avocado on toast.

  • Booze: Tequila
  • Botanicals: Coriander | Lime Zest | Chilli
  • Smoke: Apple | Alder | Beech

About our fabulous fish

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Booze Infused Smoked Salmon


Tequila, Coriander, Chilli & Lime

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