Flavour of the season - The Designated Driver
Flavour of the season - The Designated Driver
Flavour of the season - The Designated Driver
booze infused scottish smoked salmon luxury flavour of the month

Of course we only smoke and cure the finest sashimi grade Scottish fish to make our delicious smoked salmon.

The Pished Fish says "Whats this?! No booze? Has the world gone mad? Well, if you can't beat dry January, you may as well join it. Slow cured for 72 hours, dried and smoked delicately over juniper and cherry. I'm picking up a Scandinavian vibe with a delicious meaty texture. One's liver will be dancing a merry jig." 

  • Booze: Nada
  • Botanicals: Its all about the smoke
  • Smoke: Cherry and Juniper


A little more about our fantastic fish. We choose the finest salmon from the clean, remote, tidal waters around Scotland. Wherever possible we source our salmon from Loch Duart, one of the pioneers of salmon welfare and are naturally RSPCA assured. We have tried smoking salmon from all over the world, but this salmon is by far the best we have found. Leaner than most farmed salmon, but with the perfect amount of fat for smoking, these fish are selected by sushi houses the world over, which is good enough for us!

Every process we conduct is carried out by hand, from filleting and curing to smoking, slicing and packaging - no heavy machinery here. We use the finest ingredients, from well known brands of single malt whisky and gin to the fresh botanicals that go into making every single pack of our smoked salmon unique and delicious.

We slow cure the salmon in booze and botanicals which leads to more water loss, a firmer texture and more flavourful fish - think of the difference between good and bad bacon.

We smoke gently. We don't believe in smoking away the flavour of the fish, we want you to be able to taste the fish and the complementing cure that we've used.

We slice the smoked salmon in thick, sashimi style slices. This allows you to experience the full flavour profile of our salmon. The rich, flavourful outer layer - where the smoke and the cure has really worked its magic. Then the creamy, buttery inner flesh of the fish. You won't go back to wafer thin sliced smoked salmon once you've tried it this way.

We arrange, package and vacuum seal each pack by hand - how else could we make sure every pack is in tip top condition?

Every half and whole side is hand sliced, with the skin off although please state if you would prefer to hand slice yourself.

As a guide, allow for a 50g serving per person

Orders received by Tuesday are normally delivered on a Friday

Please read our Postage and Packing terms and conditions


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Flavour of the season - The Designated Driver

No booze, just cherry and juniper smoke


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