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Tikka Mango Gilltong

"Fabulous! The best smoked salmon we have ever tasted." Karen G. 😁

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✔️ The Best Smoked Salmon you Have Ever Tasted - or your Money Back!

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The most recent addition to our gilltong collection - the finest thick tender slices of smoked salmon, marinated in tikka spices and mango chutney before being air dried for a chewy, jerky style eating experience. Sweet, spicy and so flavourful. Highly addictive snacking!! 

Responsibly sourced Atlantic salmon

Medium oak smoke

Marinated in Tikka spices and Mango Chutney

"I got this because I was feeling adventurous, and looking for savoury, lunchy things. I was nervous, because I wasn't sure I would like the texture. Fish Jerky? Really? But, it was absolutely delicious! The teriyaki and honey works perfectly, and I am looking forward to getting more!" Laura A.

Ingredients: Atlantic salmon (FISH) salt, Demerara sugar, Tikka Spices, Mango Chutney

Minimum 2 weeks shelf life on delivery. Suitable for freezing

You're probably asking what is Gilltong?! Well its our own little invention, half way between jerky and biltong, but made with smoked salmon - hence gilltong, get it now?!

We take our same prime fillets of smoked salmon, slice them thickly before marinating in tikka spices and mango chutney. After marinating we air dry until the slices are chewy, succulent and tender. In no way tough like beef jerky or biltong. It's sweet, salty, a little bit spicy and ever so addictive! We don't think you've tried anything like this before. Perfect for snacking. It contains no booze, but works rather wonderfully with a beer, but you can choose your own tipple or dare I see it even use it as a protein "shot" after some exercise - steady on now!

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