The Family Feast
The Family Feast
The Family Feast
The Family Feast
The Family Feast
The Family Feast
The Family Feast

Are you really willing to share with the whole family? There's no shame in ordering one of these and keeping it hidden, just for yourself. If you do want to share though, this would be perfect for 4. Containing a little bit of everything, the perfect smörgåsbord for a great night in.

The Family Feast, perfect for 4, consists of:

5 x 100g packs of our most popular flavours

2 x 100g hot smoked salmon fillets

2 x 160g smoked salmon pâté

4 x 50g Gilltong


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

The Family Feast

An assortment of products to keep the whole family happy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Beautiful salmon but it did not quite work for us

The salmon is beautiful and of high quality, the lower rating is for the fact that we have all these different flavours and infusions which are overpowering. You barely taste the salmon.
We also tried the salmon ‘biltong’ or ‘jerky’ and the concept is great, but the marinade / flavour is very sweet and too sticky.

Hi Michiel, sorry to hear our stuff didn't hit the spot for you. We walk a bit of a tightrope between too infused and not infused enough, so apologies if it didn't work for you. You'll probably see some other reviews where customers have said they actually want more flavouring too! We do of course have our Designated Driver which is the same high quality salmon but isn't cured in alcohol and just smoked over juniper and cherry wood which might tick more boxes for you. Thanks for giving it a try anyway! Cheers, James

Delighted / Wrth ein bodd gyda’r pysgod

Excellent produce and excellent service! Our tastebuds were greatly satisfied! Thanks
Gwasanaeth wych!
Bwyd blasus tu hwnt!
Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Thanks Jane! I hope that the Welsh words are as kind as the English!


We love all of your products - the smoked salmon pate was superb, and the quality of your various smoked salmon packs is second to none. We ordered some extra 100g packs which all turned out to be the same - we understand that it's not always easy to supply exactly what everyone has asked for, but we were disappointed not to get a sample of the beetroot variety! Better luck next time - we will be back!

Hi Suzanne, thanks for 5 stars! Sorry if we didn't get the right mix for you - drop me an email and I'll put right. Cheers!


Great thanks 😊

Great selection

What a fantastic variety! Went down very well indeed with all family at Christmas.