The Spring into Summer Bundle

5 lighter summer flavours perfect for perking up your picnic and adding splendour to your salads, as well as 1 pack of Gilltong - a spiffing snack alongside an al fresco Sauvignon Blanc or pale ale!

In each bundle:

1 x 100g Erik The Red

1 x 100g Gin and Tonic

1 x 100g Margarita

1 x 100g Augustus Gloop

1 x 100g Uncle Sam (Hot smoked)

1 x 50g pack of Gilltong

Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

The Spring into Summer Bundle

Summer Favourites

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Used to buy when Ocado stocked. So glad i found you again. I love this smoked salmon. Thank you

Thanks Sandra, delighted to be of service. We might not be able to offer Ocado's range of other products just yet (!) but hope we can still make your breakfast brilliant! Cheers! James

Holiday Pack

same great product, personally delivered!

Thanks Nick - but don't scare all our customers, I don't personally delivery all of it. Just the good citizens of Mayfield! cheers! James