Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack

Are you new to The Pished Fish? Or perhaps you want a bit of everything?  Marvellous! This is perfect for you. The perfect introduction to what we do and a delicious combination of products to perk up your picnic or add brilliance to your breakfasts!

In each 2 person taster pack you will receive:

2 x 100g packs of some of our most popular smoked salmon or trout flavours

1 x 100g hot smoked salmon fillet/portion

1 x 160g smoked salmon pâté

1 x 50g Gilltong


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Taster Pack

A little assortment of products

Customer Reviews

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Really really love the salmon pate, best I’ve eaten.

Thanks Julie!

Tasty tasters

I am still enjoying the taster pack. I polished off the Smoked Salmon pate ,which was delicious ,on toast. Not too keen on the Giltong. Flavour is very intense I should have chopped them up and sprinkled them on scrambled eggs I think. Loved the booze infused smoked salmon slices. Beautiful fish and lovely texture and flavours. Only downside has been the very short shelf life on the packets. This has meant I have had to eat nearly all of them much quicker than I planned to.

Hi there, many thanks for the kind words and 5 stars! I'm hoping we hadn't made an error with the shelf life of products - nothing should arrive with you with less than 5 days remaining, and right now most of our products are leaving us with 2-3 weeks remaining apart from pate and hot smoked salmon which has a slightly shorter shelf life anyway. Please let me know if this wasn't the case. Also it all freezes very well too, in case you haven't wolfed it down in time next time! Please let me know if any issues. many thanks, James

Gorgeous Salmon.

Just tried the salmon pate on lightly toasted sourbread as suggested. Delicious, undoubtedly the best I've had. Looking forward to trying more from the taster pack later.

Thanks Jane! So nice to hear!

Taster Pack

Would prefer the salmon to be sliced on a thinner gauge. Otherwise just fine

Thanks Gloria, our salmon is thick sliced, but if you prefer the more traditional style we do our smoked trout more thinly (still not like machine sliced supermarket salmon though) hope we can get 5 stars for that one! Cheers, James

Booze salmon

Came yesterday, well packed and on time. Have only tasted the pate so far and loved it. Well balanced and not too smoky.
Looking forward to tasting the rest. May take a while as I want to savour it. Trouble is I suspect I may not be able to resist binging once I start.

Thanks so much Anne! We'll be ready and waiting for when you need some more! Cheers, James