The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned
The Old Fashioned
  • - Medium smoke over oak

  • - Hints of orange and a warmth from the whisky

  • - Hand sliced in thick, decadent slices for a luxurious eating experience


We choose the most reputable salmon farms in Scotland to supply our salmon. We never use cheaper Norwegian fish. The salmon is sustainable and considered sushi grade (super fresh!) The salmon is filleted and then slow cured in our unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar. The slow cure firms up the texture and gives the salmon a more meaty texture. It is not greasy or slimy like some other smoked salmon. The Old Fashioned is infused with whisky and orange zest for a sweet and smokey flavour. We smoke this one gently over oak so as not to overpower the fish. After smoking the salmon is rested overnight before being sliced by hand in our little Sussex smokehouse. We choose to slice the salmon in thicker, vertical, more decadent slices. Once our customers have tried it this way they never go back! A truly luxurious taste experience and one which will have you wishing everything was booze infused!


  • Ingredients - Scottish salmon (fish), salt, demerara sugar, single malt whisky, orange zest, maple syrup oak smoke.


Minimum 5 days shelf life from despatch  


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

The Old Fashioned

Whisky, Maple Syrup & Orange Zest

Which pack size? (Allow for 50g per person)

Customer Reviews

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The Best

I got this as part of the breakfast pack I ordered for Christmas. They were all superb but this was everyone's favourite. It is genuinely the best smoked salmon I've ever tasted: the texture, the flavour, everything about it is lovely. The flavours add something without detracting from or overwhelming the flavour of the salmon itself. So happy I tried this company out and I am delighted with their service. Fan for life.

This has put a big smile on my face this morning! You describe exactly what we're trying to achieve, subtle flavours, still smoked salmon but with some different tasting notes. Glad we hit the spot for you! Cheers!


The Old fashioned served as a starter on Christmas day. Was well received

Great fish

Fantastic flavour and lovely dense texture

So good!

The Pished Fish does the best smoked salmon! Beautifully thick cut and it just melts in the mouth.
You can taste all the flavours of an old fashioned in this. Love it!

Unbelievably good

What an excellent product! This has to be the best smoked salmon. Beautifully smoked, generously cut with superb flavour and texture. Wonderful.

Thanks so much Chris, you put a big smile on our faces with this review. Cheers!