Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)
Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)

You're probably asking what is Gilltong?! Well its our own little invention, half way between jerky and biltong, but made with smoked salmon - hence gilltong, get it now?!

We take our same prime fillets of smoked salmon, hand slice them thickly before marinading in teriyaki, honey, Tabasco sauce and black pepper. After marinading we air dry until the slices are chewy, succulent and tender. In no way tough like beef jerky or biltong. It's sweet, salty, a little bit spicy and ever so addictive! We don't think you've tried anything like this before. Perfect for snacking. It contains no booze, but works rather wonderfully with pale ale, but you can choose your own tipple!

Ingredients: Salmon (Fish), Teriyaki (Soybeans, wheat, sulphur dioxide) honey, Tabasco sauce and black pepper. Oak smoked.

Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Gilltong (Teriyaki and Honey)

Teriyaki and Honey


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A dear friend recommended the gilltong to me... and that is why he is called a "dear" friend... he did not quite elaborate enough on how addictive it will become.
The perfect savoury snack. I bought 3 packs and devoured all three without sharing... in one go. The service from Pished Fish has been the best I have ever experienced from any online retailer. ( and they are not even paying me to write this🤣 )



Thanks Vicky!


It was ok to try, but I didn't like it enough to buy again, especially as it's quite expensive for the size of portion.

Hi Caroline, thanks for the review. Sorry we weren't able to get you as addicted to this as we would have liked, but appreciate you giving it a go! Cheers, James


I have never tasted salmon like this before. Translucent and slightly firm, you can pick it up without a fork. It has a sweet and sour taste which mingles with the smokiness of the fish. So good!

Thanks Helen! I can't pronounce the title of your review, and I won't try and sing it, but thanks for 5 stars!

Gone in a flash

Yum yum. My 11 year old loved it. I loved it. The wife loved it. Very tasty.