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New Customer Guide

If you are reading this you're probably here because you love smoked salmon, or know someone who does. As we're unable to give you a taster at our stall to get you hooked - I'll try and give you an abridged "farmers market spiel" here!

- Our "Tastes Great Guarantee" means if you like smoked salmon, but for some reason you don't like ours, we'll give you your money back.

- We hand make a unique selection of smoked salmon flavours, infused delicately with a range of booze and botanicals.

- It's all still smoked salmon but with some different tasting notes. None of the flavours are too overpowering and are all designed to complement the fish.

- It won't get you tipsy but it should still put a big smile on your face!

- We hand carve the salmon in thick decadent slices. This allows the full range of flavours in the fish to be tasted, from the smokey, more flavoured outer layer, to the creamy and buttery more mild inner flesh.

- We supply Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges (when covid isn't around) so we must be doing something right!

- The best bet for a "newbie" would be our TASTER PACK - for new customers who really don't know where to start. A small but perfectly formed selection of products to give you an idea of what we're all about.

Or, if you're short of time and happy for us to do the choosing for you, our most popular option is our SELECTION PACKS - a great introduction to our range. Choose from 3, 5, 10, 15 or even 20 x 100g packs of randomly chosen different flavours. Simple!

If you think you'll be mainly enjoying our smoked salmon for breakfast then the flavours within our Breakfast Bundle will be just perfect.

I hope that helps, but if you have any questions, then please do get in touch.

Cheers, James