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Have you heard the tale of the mysterious travelling alchemist and his most exquisitely Pished Fish? You simply must know all about it.

You see, there was once a gentleman merchant who travelled all over Europe, selling the most mysterious alchemical wares. Now, he dined at the finest establishments our European cousins have to offer, supped from the best tables in society. He was quite the gastro-nomad, we hear. And, amongst his greatest culinary revelations was that of the most wondrous cured fish.

Thick sliced, tender fillets of the finest salmon, each flavoured with invigorating botanicals and perfumed with aromatic smoke. Every mouthful was simply divine.

Back in London, he was determined to recreate the dish for himself. Long into the night he laboured in his laboratory, experimenting with curious cures, strange smokes and the most exotic of flavours.

They say he drove himself quite mad on his journey to replicate the subtle harmony of flavours of that fine fish.

Until one night. He cracked it.

The secret to this most delicious delicacy?


Isn't that scrummy? He gave the salmon the most devilish twist, it tastes utterly delightful.

From then on, the fish really were perfectly Pished.

No one knows what became of the alchemist, he quite disappeared from society soon after.

Some say that after his culinary triumph, he took off round the world in search of new flavours and delicacies.

Wherever he is, we invite you, you raucous revellers, you bright young things, you gourmands, to raise a glass to the alchemist and his mighty fine Pished Fish.