Erik The Red
Erik The Red
Erik The Red
Erik The Red
Erik The Red
Aquavit cured smoked Scottish salmon with beetroot, star anise and juniper berries
  • - Beetroot colours the smoked salmon beautifully - a sure fire way to create some dazzling canapés

  • - Succulent and aromatic - a totally different taste experience for you and your guests

  • - Lightly smoked - doesn't over-power the delicate flavours of the cure


Cold smoked superior Scottish salmon, slow cured and infused with an aromatic blend of aquavit, juniper, star anise and beetroot. This one is very lightly smoked allowing the flavours of the fish and the cure to shine through. There are hints of aniseed and juniper with an earthy note from the beetroot. Delicate, mild and a beautiful centrepiece. Perfect as part of a spring salad or served as canapés with a touch of horseradish and creme fraiche.


  • Ingredients - Scottish salmon (fish), salt, demerara sugar, aquavit, beetroot, star anise, juniper. Apple, alder and beech smoke


- Perfect for freezing

- Minimum 5 days shelf life from despatch

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    Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

    Erik The Red

    Aquavit, Juniper, Star Anise & Beetroot

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Entry into Smoking!

    Having experienced and thoroughly enjoyed several of your Smoked Salmon products with their range and degree thereof, of smoked,spiced and spirit infusions I feel that they deserve Majestic Recognition for their Excellence and Achievement, also the quality of delivery in Cool Pack packaging is superb!!
    May I also say Thank You for your care and attention
    Kind Regards
    Neil Francis

    Thanks Neil, we're over the moon to be supplying you regularly. Glad you're enjoying it, and particularly love the Majestic Recognition!

    Bought this from Waitrose. It has delicate flavours not overpowered by smoke. It’s melt in your mouth and nice and chunky. Would definitely treat myself again.

    Love your describing words Sue, couldn't have put it better ourselves. Thanks for taking the time to visit us and support our good friends at Waitrose!
    3 different smoked salmon

    So far have had one ( g and t ) which was excellent 'as part of eggs royals brunch

    Beautiful Fish, great service. To be recommended.

    This is the second time I have purchased fish from The Pished Fish and I love it / can't wait to order my next delivery. The fish is very fresh and tasty. The delivery is quick and appropriately packaged. To be recommended.

    Erik The Red

    Arrived on time,packed really well,ice block still solid.
    Erik was brilliant! Will definitely be ordering again.