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Article: Lazy (ish) Sunday Baguette Bites (Video)

Lazy (ish) Sunday Baguette Bites (Video)

Lazy (ish) Sunday Baguette Bites (Video)

Adding smoked salmon (and trout) in unexpected places...

So this was a spur of the moment creation to basically use up the half a mini baguette Mrs Pished Fish didn't want going to waste.


1/2 a staling baguette

50g truffled brie

Herbs de Provence

Drizzle of olive oil

50g Pernod and Fennel Trout

25g Sweet Chilli Gilltong

1 stick of Serious Pig wild fennel Snackalami


Slice the baguette into 2cm thick rounds

Liberally spread brie (I used truffled brie 'cause thats how I roll) on the baguette slices and drizzle olive oil and a sprinkling of herbs

Bake in a 220 degree oven for 5 mins

Top with ribbons of our Little Cousin Francois trout or chunks of sweet chilli gilltong. Or both!

Add vin blanc liberally to table!




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