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Article: Is this the best butcher in London?

Is this the best butcher in London?

Is this the best butcher in London?

As you well know, we're prone to a love of smoked salmon. We're tickled by booze and delighted by botanicals. 

But like the BBC we try and be impartial and spread the word of other food businesses (even if this goes against the long suffering future Mrs Pished Fish's beliefs).
Woodwards farm are our neighbours. Not literally, or really metaphorically, but we are adjacent to each other on one of the market stalls we run, outside Partridges on the Duke Of York Square in Chelsea. Just off the Kings Road don't you know? Its actually misleading to call them a butcher based in London, as they are actually a farm that operate near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, but they send their trusty crew of butchers and burger sizzlers down to London several times a week to various farmers markets accross the town. This is "farmers marketing" in its purest form.

Not like us renegade salmon smokers jumping on the bandwagon.

These guys work hard. They turn up well before us, and leave well after (but maybe thats just because our highly effective, high pressure sales tactics enable us to sell out so quickly?!) The good people of Chelsea flock here on a Saturday morning, and there are already queues for the butchery section when we arrive.

Woodwards farm meat selection at Partridges food market in Chelsea


Sadly, due to doctors orders, my red meat intake has had to be curtailed of late. I have fond memories though, of roasting a beautiful top side joint, and charring to within an inch of their life some delicious sausages at a long forgotten barbecue. I think there may still be some of them remaining on the grill come to think of it.

Their cattle are reared on the grass and wheat produced on the farm, the meat is known for its beautiful marbling and the taste and texture enhanced by hanging it for 21 days to mature. Free range chickens are truly free range with plenty of space to roam, and the eggs we have tried are rich and golden yolked.

My fondest memory of meat has to be one of their beautiful burgers, the smell of which intoxicates us each Saturday we are there. I think the sheer volume that these guys are able to cook is impressive enough. 

The real measure of quality must be the burger queue.

Regularly stretching round the side and criss crossing the confit duck sandwich queue (more on that another time). Add to that some sunshine and its market stall gridlock!

We especially like these guys though as they are always very generous when it comes to bones for the dog. The absolute terror and panic that little Norbert endures when we have to leave him for a couple of hours with housemates is long forgotten when we return with some kind of rib for him to devour noisily in any bizarre location he can find thats private enough for the task-in-paw.

So certainly if you are looking for some of the finest cuts of beef, or a burger worth arriving early for, then come and visit Woodwards farm's stall outside the entrance to Partridges in Chelsea every Saturday. Just next to the best smoked salmon in town!


Woodwards farm butcher team doing what they do best



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