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Smoking Club

How does the smoking club work?

We know first-hand that polishing one's Bentleys is a time consuming operation. Smoked salmon might not be at the forefront of one's mind all the time...

So we've created The Smoking Club - a smoked salmon subscription service

We'll take the hassle out of remembering to order some delicious smoked salmon each month. To join, simply enter the shop at the top of this page, select "Smoking Club" and then "Monthly Subscription" and follow the instructions through checkout. We'll then add you to our valued list of happy customers and ensure that we send out one of our booze infused smoked salmon flavours direct to your door once a month.

Not only this but we'll send you a smoked salmon discount code to redeem 10% off every other purchase while you're a member. The gift that keeps on giving!

What flavour smoked salmon will I get?

Well hopefully this is part of the fun – we will deliver to you our flavour of the month which can range from a Guinness and tarragon cured smoked salmon (for St Patrick's Day of course!) – to a light and zingy Mojito smoked salmon with rum, lime and mint.

Each are deliciously different and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as our hundreds of regular customers do.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Absolutely, this is all controlled through the subscription account so if you're going on a grand tour, just let us know, and we will wait until you give us the nod to start delivering again. 

Can I buy a subscription for my beloved, or simply a chum?

You can indeed, although in the interests of security you can only purchase 1 subscription to a different delivery address per payment as you will need to set up an account for the recipient.

When will my delivery arrive?

Delivery will normally be on a Friday towards the end of the month but we will always email you in advance to advise on actual delivery day.