Our Fabulous Fish

We use the absolute pinnacle of sustainably sourced salmon from the cold, clean and remote, tidal waters around Scotland. We only use Label Rouge or RSPCA assured Scottish salmon and wherever possible we source from Loch Duart, one of the pioneers of salmon welfare. Happy, healthy and lean, we only ever use salmon that would be considered fresh enough to be of sushi grade.

Using traditional techniques and methods with our own devilish twist, we believe that taking a little longer in the curing and smoking of our fish hugely improves the taste and texture. 

We use premium booze and botanicals and, using sustainably sourced wood chips, smoke gently so as not to overpower the flavour of the cured fish.

We hand slice the smoked salmon in thick decadent slices allowing you to taste the full flavour profile of the salmon. From the rich, flavourful and smokey outer layer to the creamy buttery inner fish - you won't go back to wafer thin sliced salmon after this!

As a guide, allow for a 50g serving per person

We aim to get all orders shipped to you as quickly as possible, however as everything is hand made to order there may be a slight delay which we will of course notify you about.