The Smoking Club
The Smoking Club
The Smoking Club
The Smoking Club
The Smoking Club

    • - A different pack of delicious smoked salmon delivered to you once a month, you need never run out again!

    • - Price includes delivery - the perfect foodie gift for the smoked salmon fan in your life

    • - Pause, cancel, postpone at any time, you are in control

    • - 4.8* reviews. Here's what one of our customers had to say - "Tremendous smoked salmon. I've been a huge and enthusiastic fan of The Pished Fish since first encountering them at Oval Farmers Market – I'm delighted they've launched a subscription service and more to the point, so is my dad, as he is the fortunate recipient. Very tempted to buy one for everyone I know. It is absolutely the best smoked salmon we've ever had."

How does it work?

- Choose your pack size at the top of this page. Add to cart and purchase. Once a month you (or lucky recipient of your choice) will receive a pack of our highly acclaimed, smoked salmon by post. 

- We collect payment on the 1st of each month, like a direct debit. You need never panic about running out of smoked salmon again!

- A different flavour each month, either paired with the seasons or timed with a special celebration (think Guinness and tarragon for St Patrick's day!)

- Price includes mainland UK courier delivery

The small print:

On joining the club we will take your first payment straight away. Payments are then taken on the 1st of each month and you will receive a reminder email in advance to advise you of this. Subscription orders charge members on the day they sign up and automatically skip the next billing cycle to avoid double-charging which means that depending on the day of sign up you may not receive a delivery in month 2 (and of course won't be charged) but we will email you to advise you of this.

Whilst payment is taken on the 1st of the month, we may not send the salmon out until later on in the month to perhaps coincide with a special date so don't worry - we haven't forgotten about you!

We will email you at the start of the week that orders will be sent out. If this is not convenient (e.g. you are on holiday) then just reply and we will re-schedule for a more suitable date.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time through your account.

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The Smoking Club

Monthly Smoked Salmon Subscription

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Excellently pished, as always

It really is a treat to receive our shipment each month; whether enjoying with scrambled eggs in the morning or a bottle of bubbly in the evening the salmon always goes down a treat. Huge praise to James and the team for brightening up these dark days with a touch of decandence. We all deserve it.

Thanks Christopher, marvellous to spread a little cheer right now. Chins up all round!
The Rapscallion!

I thank you for a most enjoyable experience when I consumed the Erik The Red salmon with multigrain bread and butter accompanied by a good Merlot, the richness and sweetness was(is) superb and most worthy of the Vikings!!!

Fab Fish

Lovely, very fresh, interestingly flavoured smoked salmon. Highly recommend the Smoking Club

Thanks Lorrie, we love putting a smile on our smoking club member's faces!

Melt in the mouth as ever. Really delicious.

Always a pleasure to be of service Caroline!
The Designated Driver

Your Letter suggested the Driver with thick buttered toast which I tried and enjoyed, I also tried with only B and B and experienced a superb smoked flavour with a very satisfying lingering after-taste A big Thank You!