Selection Packs
Selection Packs
Selection Packs
Selection Packs
Selection Packs
  • Can't be bothered to read the blurb for each flavour - then this is for you!

  • We'll send you 3 or 5 packs of different flavours, all equally delicious

  • They freeze perfectly and defrost quickly, meaning you can always have a supply on hand!



Let us take the arduous decision making off your plate. Allow us to select either 3 or 5 packs (depending on which option you click). It's all the same luxurious booze infused smoked salmon, perfect for making your brunches brilliant, canapés cool and starters sensational, just without the enormous stress of choosing it one's self. Do you know how much a personal shopper is in Harvey Nicks?!


- Perfect for freezing

- Minimum 5 days shelf life from despatch


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    Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Another winning combination from The Pished Fish. Delicious!

    Delighted you liked it Sue!
    The pished reviewer

    Bought a side of salmon for Christmas, it went down a storm and was a real talking point. Beautifully flavoured fish, sliced nice and thickly. Ordered more for a birthday, the five pack selection. All the flavours were stunning. I live in the North of Scotland and the delivery charges were more than reasonable. All in all, great fish, great flavours and a great wee company. Will definitely be ordering again.

    Thanks for the kind words Angela! Glad we put a smile on a few faces at Christmas.

    Ordered after seeing a random Instagram ad and then all of the great reviews and did not regret it! Honesty some of the best smoked salmon I’ve tried, the slices were thick and flavoursome, fab. Great buy, very happy!

    Hi Tabitha you've totally made my day! Love it when a 'newbie' comes on board and loves what we're doing as much as we do. Thanks for taking the time to say something nice, it is appreciated!
    Can't say which is the most delicious. !

    Have tried everyone of the smoked salmon types. I am sure yours is now the go to shop for all my S Salmon needs.
    I shall recommend you to my friends.
    Thankyou for your excellent service.

    Mixed 3 pack plus half price pate

    I felt the products were excellent. However it was only when the order was received that I found one pack in a fillet shape and the other two were horizontally sliced...not clear from illustrations. I prefer the fillet shape...chunkier. I am 75 years old and found the items expensive....100 gm is not a huge amount of fish so proved expensive after postage had been paid. If I am buying in future I would like to know if I am buting thin slices or chunky fillet......delicious taste. DAVID J NUTTALL I was under the impression that there was a reduction for first orders I did not receive any such reduction.