Where it began

At The Pished Fish we are on a mission to create deliciously different smoked fish products. With an emphasis on quality ingredients, from our salmon to our spirits and our salt to our smoke we only source the finest products. Taking time to create, cure and present our products, this is smoked salmon, but not as you know it.

I used to have a proper job. Travelling around Europe selling medical equipment. A large part of my time was spent in Scandinavia where at the start of almost every menu - breakfast, lunch or dinner was the choice of gravalax or smoked salmon. I loved both, so it was never a great hardship to choose between them, but i did always find the gravalax flavours to be the more interesting ones. Not just made with dill like the ones in UK supermarkets, but ones with orange and lemon, vodka, whisky and gin. 

Back at home i would try and recreate these flavours, heading to the local fishmonger in Peckham for my salmon and trying out curing at home with varying degrees of success. As my methods improved and my understanding of balancing salt with sweet got better I started offering large portions of fish to friends. Some were willing recipients, but many preferred the thought of "smoked" salmon to just cured salmon so I thought I'd try my hand at smoking the salmon too. 

The shed was cleared out, the fridge taken over and the cats excluded from the kitchen. My hobby turned into something of a passion. I loved the different flavours one could create with the simple addition of spirits, spices and smoke. I'm often asked, and I guess this is probably the point at which I came up with the name for the business although I wasn't really paying attention to it at the time.

Instead of giving it away I started selling it at farmers markets, testing out different flavours