The modern world is such a wonder. One click, and you can order a side of your favourite Pished Fish, straight to your door. 

Please have patience with us though, perfection cannot be rushed, especially for a culinary marvel like a freshly cured and smoked Pished Fish. 

Just between us, the best thing to do is to check we're producing your favoured flavour this week in our shop. 

All our smoked salmon is made to order, and we never freeze anything. We always produce products to sell at our weekend markets around London and beyond, so if we have your preferred flavour in stock we will send it on a Thursday to arrive Friday via our courier.

If we don't have the product in stock, or currently in production, we will begin curing and smoking another batch ready for delivery the following Friday, and will of course let you know via email of when you can expect it to arrive.

Please ensure either yourself, a member of your fine family or your butler is at home to receive them. We cannot be held responsible for any orders that are returned to the depot. We put a bright yellow sticker on asking the courier to leave in a safe place, but this doesn't always guarantee it will be. As generally the smoked salmon will be arriving on a Friday, a work address may therefore be the most appropriate?

We're a small business that prides itself on our excellent customer service, so if theres anything we can do to help improve your experience of purchasing from us, then please let us know. If we're able to fulfil your order earlier in the week we will email you directly to see if this is convenient.

When you receive it, the fish will be chilled, cool as a cucumber, beautifully packaged and ready to serve. Simply marvellous! See how, at Woolcool

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