A Pished Fish: (noun) A fillet of salmon that has been cured with high quality alcohol and botanicals and smoked in small batches over wood; A mischievous, charming dinner guest who livens up any social occasion; A rapscallion;


The fish must be perfect. Fresh, fit and lean, only those from Scottish waters will do. I have found just the man, a fisherman down at old Billingsgate. I insist on choosing the fish myself, so I travel down every week to visit him. He never disappoints.


I've created the perfect tincture for the fillets: sugar, salt, spices and liquor. It gives the fish the most glorious flavour once it has bathed in the cure for many, many hours, I am quite overcome. But it is not yet finished.

Dawn ‘til dusk: Smoke

The smoke is vital. Only the highest quality woodchips will give the fish the depth of flavour I have long been searching for. Every fillet is different, only I can determine how long the fish must be smoked for. It is an arduous task. Yet I must continue.

Dusk ‘til dawn: Second Cure

The fish is delicious, but I fear it is still not quite finished. It must be bathed in a second cure with more botanicals to give the fillet that exquisitely delicate yet complex flavour I once tasted. Another night must pass before the fillet is ready.

Finishing Touches

The fish is magnificent, but I must not be complacent. My fingers must be nimble and knives razor sharp. The fillets must be thickly sliced to allow the full range of flavours to be experienced. I lay them out beautifully – this is my art.

Meet the Adoring Crowds

What isn’t posted out far and wide, stays with me for my favourite days of the week, market days. This is where I ply my craft. From Chelsea to Chiswick and Oval to Herne Hill, I’ve fans across the land.