The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle
The Scrumptious Supper Bundle

5 flavours perfect for scrumptious suppers. Whether it's a beautifully simple starter, a perfectly formed pasta dish or a luxurious meat alternative all these flavours will sit marvellously in front of friends and family alike.

Included is:

1 x 100g Gin and Tonic

1 x 100g Erik The Red

1 x 100g Little Cousin François

1 x 100g Margarita

1 x 100g Old Fashioned


We choose the most reputable salmon farms in Scotland to supply our PGI status salmon. We never use cheaper, fattier, Norwegian fish. The salmon is sustainably farmed and considered sushi grade (super fresh!)

The salmon is filleted and then slow cured in our unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar. The slow cure firms up the texture and gives the salmon a more meaty texture. It is not greasy or slimy like  other smoked salmon can be.

After smoking, the salmon is rested overnight before being sliced by hand in our little Sussex smokehouse. We choose to slice the salmon in thicker, vertical, more decadent slices. Once our customers have tried it this way they never go back! A truly luxurious taste experience and one which will have you wishing everything was booze infused!

Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

The Scrumptious Supper Bundle

Perfect for Romantic meals for 2 or Family Meals for Many!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marvellous Mother’s Day

I haven’t seen my lovely Mum much over the last year, and I wanted to treat her to something special that wasn’t gin. She was absolutely delighted with her present (even though it wasn’t gin...) I mentioned that it was by far the best smoked salmon we had ever had and she heartily agrees (Dad too and he’s very hard to please!)

Reliably excellent!

The Scrumptious Supper Bundle has been excellent so far; we still have a couple more to eat. Compared to the smoked salmon I usually buy from the supermarket (which is still tasty), the Pished Fish salmon is on a different level!

Thanks so much Joanna, really hop the rest is well received, and we can help you avoid any unnecessary trips to the supermarket! Cheers! James

Delicious & Delectable – leaving you delirious!

You wait for one delightful mouth-watering salmon dish to come along and then five lip-smacking dishes all turn up at once! Even the petite François cousin is more than a mouthful with that delicate fennel and Pernod infusion. This is a great salmon selection to choose if you want to indulge in a “salmon twilight zone” of succulent surprises - leaving you in delirious salmon infused heaven!

Thanks Gary! Love your words! cheers, James

Great Fish

Beautiful flavours

Thanks for the great review David. Cheers!

Absolutely delicious

Fantastic selection of fish here. Fabulous quality as always and so happy to be able to try a selection of flavours. Erik the Red was quite the discovery!

Thanks Kendra, a pleasure to be of service. Erik is a team favourite here too. Cheers!