Erik The Red
Erik The Red
Erik The Red
Aquavit cured smoked Scottish salmon with beetroot, star anise and juniper berries
Aquavit cured smoked Scottish salmon with beetroot, star anise and juniper berries
  • - Beetroot colours the smoked salmon beautifully - a sure fire way to create some dazzling canapés

  • - Succulent and aromatic - a totally different taste experience for you and your guests

  • - Lightly smoked - doesn't over-power the delicate flavours of the cure


Cold smoked superior Scottish salmon, slow cured and infused with an aromatic blend of aquavit, juniper, star anise and beetroot. This one is very lightly smoked allowing the flavours of the fish and the cure to shine through. There are hints of aniseed and juniper with an earthy note from the beetroot. Delicate, mild and a beautiful centrepiece. Perfect as part of a spring salad or served as canapés with a touch of horseradish and creme fraiche.


  • Ingredients - Scottish salmon (fish), salt, demerara sugar, aquavit, beetroot, star anise, juniper. Apple, alder and beech smoke


- Perfect for freezing

- Minimum 5 days shelf life from despatch

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    Erik The Red

    Aquavit, Juniper, Star Anise & Beetroot

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    Customer Reviews

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    Erik The Red

    Arrived on time,packed really well,ice block still solid.
    Erik was brilliant! Will definitely be ordering again.

    A great purchase

    Excellent customer service and we hope wonderful fish as we are keeping it for New Year's eve.

    Great packaging and name but very poor product/taste

    Being scandinavian I couldn't wait to taste the Erik The Red promising all the flavours I was brought up on - aquavit, beetroot, juniper and star anise. The packaging and presentation was beautiful and four us (salmon lovers) opened the packed straight away to fight over the few slices. I opened it and couldn't resist smelling it - expecting to take me back home - I stayed exactly where I was. There was a tiny smell of smoke but absolutely nothing else. The fish was red - but no taste of beetroot. The fish had a raw texture - not at all what we expected from the description. (I make graved laks myself all the time and that melts in the mouth). Nobody went back for a second taste and I sadly had to bin it. I hope this was a one of batch that might have been rushed.
    100g for £12.21 (including postage and discount).

    Dear Inge, I am terribly sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Erik The Red. He is one of our more popular flavours, but can also be our Brexit flavour (some people love him, some hate him) but it sounds like we didn’t tick any boxes for you on this occasion. Humble apologies, we do try to put a smile on everyone’s face, but sorry we fell short this time.

    Beautiful product and amazing quality- service 5 star!

    The most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth (sorry husband, you included)

    Silken salmon.

    You’ll make an old fish bush!