smoked salmon pack selection
smoked salmon pack selection
The Pished Fish eggs royale
The Pished Fish bagel selection
Aquavit cured smoked Scottish salmon with beetroot, star anise and juniper berries
The Pished Fish smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado on sourdough toast
The pished Fish smoked salmon and avocado bagel

What a marvellous idea! No longer must you torment yourself over which taste buds to tickle. Be torn no longer between the sweet smokiness of The Classic, the aromatic complexity of Erik the Red or the dazzling colours of Augustus Gloop. You really can have it all. Allow us to send you a selection of 3 or 5 different flavours, we'll even cut you a deal too, wink wink. Trust us to choose a random selection of what we have on offer and we'll send it your way post-haste. You may even stumble accross some of our exclusive recipes saved for our Smoking Club members and market stalls.


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