Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic
    • - Lightly smoked over apple and alder woods

    • - Infused with a hint of gin & juniper and dressed with lime and grapefruit zest for a zingy flavour

    • - The citrus works perfectly with creamy scrambled eggs


We choose the most reputable salmon farms in Scotland to supply our PGI status salmon. We never use cheaper, fattier, Norwegian fish. The salmon is sustainable and considered sushi grade (super fresh!)

The salmon is filleted and then slow cured in our unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar. The slow cure firms up the texture and gives the salmon a more meaty texture. It is not greasy or slimy like some other smoked salmon.

The Gin & Tonic is infused with Bombay Sapphire gin, grapefruit, lime zest and juniper. It is very lightly smoked over apple and beech wood for a very subtle smokey flavour. Zingy!

After smoking, the salmon is rested overnight before being sliced by hand in our little Sussex smokehouse. We choose to slice the salmon in thicker, vertical, more decadent slices. Once our customers have tried it this way they never go back! A truly luxurious taste experience and one which will have you wishing everything was booze infused!


  • Ingredients - Scottish salmon (fish), salt, demerara sugar, gin, grapefruit zest, lime zest, juniper. Apple, alder and beech smoke


- Minimum 5 days shelf life from despatch 


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Gin and Tonic

Gin, Juniper, Grapefruit and Lime


Customer Reviews

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Gin and Tonic........yes please!

Fabulous....what more can I say!

Fabulous is all we need to hear, thanks!

Again delicious!

After two orders we can say that we really enjoy all the different flavours. The flavours are subtle and the salmon is just excellent.

Thanks Rodney, great to have you back!

Seriously delicious fish

Cannot recommend the gin and tonic enough. Nice subtle flavours, thick cut salmon - just gorgeous. Service was excellent too. Also recommend the Old Fashioned and the Margarita.

Thanks for the kind words and all the recommendations Suzanne! Cheers! James

The Classic

Interesting to compare this with The Old Fashioned, the Classic being a sweeter flavour that allows slightly more of the whisky to come through in my opinion. Both are delicious and highly recommended.

Thanks very much Steve, delighted to have put a smile on your face. Cheers! James

Great product

Great product as I said in the request to review before.Don’t Keep bombarding me with review requests.Annoying.

Hi Deborah, sorry for pestering - it's not us, the reviews company did it!! You can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of the emails and shouldn't receive more than 2 requests from them. Thanks for 5 stars anyway! Cheers, James