Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack

Are you new to The Pished Fish? Or perhaps you want a bit of everything?  Marvellous! This is perfect for you. The perfect introduction to what we do and a delicious combination of products to perk up your picnic or add brilliance to your breakfasts!

In each 2 person taster pack you will receive:

2 x 100g packs of some of our most popular smoked salmon or trout flavours

1 x 100g hot smoked salmon fillet/portion

1 x 160g smoked salmon pâté

1 x 50g Gilltong


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Taster Pack

A little assortment of products

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
What a wonderful surprise

We tried the taster package and have no hesitation saying we have been absolutl;y delighted in the products sent. The pate, in particular, has been quite fantastic and mt wife and myself have fought over the contents. A re-order is obviously on the cards. Lip smacking good!

Marvellous news! Thanks Christopher, we look forward to being of service again soon. Cheers!


Was a bit wary but wanted to give it a go. I am so glad we did!
My favourite is the Aquavit and Beetroot! Sooo good!

Thanks Fiona, its one of my favourites too! Cheers! James


Everyone loved it🥰

Marvellous news! Thanks for the review.

Perfect for a solo diner

I was very impressed with the Taster Pack the contents of which came with staggered use by dates meaning I can enjoy them at my leisure rather than in some sort of wild binge feast. The packs are perfect for a single person household as they can be used over two days for example. The products are excellent and I will definitely be ordering again.

Thanks so much Katrina. Of course we do always hope to create some kind of wild smoked salmon binge at home, ideally daily, but we'll be patient with you!! Cheers for the great review! Cheers, James

Designated Driver

I thought it was delicious. I have given The Augustus Gloop and Gilltong to my son to try. As I am old and live alone, I have yet to try the pate and Uncle Sam.
I will be back!

Thanks Katherine, and for spreading the word too! We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Cheers! James