Canapé Collection
Canapé Collection
Canapé Collection
Canapé Collection
Canapé Collection

Three 200g packs of our award winning smoked salmon which lend themselves perfectly to being served as canapés. Simply add blinis or toasts and perhaps a little dollop of crème fraîche? Voila! Now pass to one's butler to serve!


1 x 200g Erik The Red

1 x 200g Augustus Gloop

1 x 200g Gin and Tonic

600g total

Please be aware It's so jam packed it's a bit of a squeeze for the fridge and is the same size as a side of salmon. At 56cm long and 19cm wide it might not fit on a normal shelf, but stands up nicely in my bottles section of my fridge, or the packs can of course be decanted into the fridge and the packaging hung on your mantle-piece for posterity?

We choose the most reputable salmon farms in Scotland to supply our salmon. We never use cheaper Norwegian fish. The salmon is sustainable and considered sushi grade (super fresh!) The salmon is filleted and then slow cured in our unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar. The slow cure firms up the texture and gives the salmon a more meaty texture. It is not greasy or slimy like some other smoked salmon. We smoke our salmon gently so as not to overpower the fish. After smoking the salmon is rested overnight before being sliced by hand in our little Sussex smokehouse. We choose to slice the salmon in thicker, vertical, more decadent slices. Once our customers have tried it this way they never go back! A truly luxurious taste experience and one which will have you wishing everything was booze infused!


Booze Infused Smoked Salmon

Canapé Collection

Three packs perfect for canapés

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I was so pleased as our 6 guests who came to join us in the garden for our 25th Wedding anniversary were impressed too. I gave them your details. Real quality product. Such a special treat as expensive for every week!

Thanks so much Eileen and congrats on the wedding milestone! Cheers! James

So Good

We received the Canape Collection as a gift and the contents were fabulous, some of the best smoked salmon we've tasted. Delightfully un oily. The flavours were delicious.

Canapé selection

It was delicious. Thanks.

Lovely to hear, thanks Marjory!

Delicious, divine and delighted

This was a delicious and yummy collection of carefully curated flavours currently being savoured and shared. Beautifully sliced. Cheers.

Thanks Kevin, very happy you like our slicing and the flavours were well received. Cheers! James


Phished fish is the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted. Hands down best and excellent service too. Even when the delivery company let you down, James and the team do all they can to put things right.

Thanks Simon, delighted we got some to you in the end, despite our trusty courier's best efforts! Cheers! James